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At F3 Pens we strive to make every custom pen a work of art. In order to maintain this level of quality we are restricting the number of active custom pens at any one time. This allows us to give each customer the personalized attention they deserve and prevents lengthy backlogs of pre-paid orders that take months or longer to deliver.

At this time we are setting a custom order limit to no more than 5 per batch. Signing up here will allow you to express your interest in an upcoming batch.

Customers will then be advanced in batches of 5 in the order that they signed up. The next batch of 5 will start once the previous 5 are completed and shipped.

Payment will be expected at the time you are advanced to the active queue. If you are not able to pay at that time or do not wish to continue with your custom pen your name will be removed from the list and we will take the next person in line. If you desire you can add your name to the list for a future batch.

Thank you for your continued support and for allowing us to serve every customer as if they are our only customer.

Carl Fisher
F3 Pens



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