Make $$$ Drawing, Writing, and Creating

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Make $$$ drawing, writing, creating on CharacterHub

We have been very lucky to have a community of incredible people sharing characters and making new friends on CharacterHub! From talking to the community, we learned that many folks buy and sell services!

Selling on the marketplace will be invite-only to start. We're keeping it small to start to iron out the issues. We're here to build the most useful experience for both buyers and sellers.

We hope to open the doors for everybody soon!

What will be special about this?
It'll start very simple and we will layer on more useful features as we go!

  • Get paid like you normally do with PayPal: No need to link a bank account to anything sketchy or check if your country is supported, we'll pay you with PayPal just like you normally would!

  • Take home 100% of what you make: As we figure all of this out, there are no fees for sellers on our end! No hidden fees (just PayPal fees!), no weird listing fees, no subscriptions.

  • Connect with buyers and sellers who love characters!: Get discovered by a very passionate audience!

  • Trust you'll get paid: Be confident you'll be paid on time.

  • Resolve disputes: As a trusted 3rd party, we will help solve messy situations. Excessive revisions? Buyer refusing to approve final delivery? We're here.

  • Your characters and services all in one place: Post your own characters for fun and people will discover your listings in the process! it's all integrated!

We listen to feedback and we're excited to build this experience with you!

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