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You’re about to launch a new product or service, maybe you’ve sold out of tickets to an event and you need a simple way to track and communicate with customers. You’ve tried the old, time consuming, inefficient way to manage your lists - a separate spreadsheet with emails that have to be copied and pasted into an email or uploaded to a mass mail app. And what if you want to reward customers for sharing your product, service, or event with their friends? Waitlistr has you covered and then some…


You want to run a giveaway or sweepstakes to build up awareness and demand, but it’s not as simple as just collecting a list of names. Traditionally you may need someone with technical know how to setup a separate signup form that dumps signups into a spreadsheet and when the giveaway ends, you need to randomize your list of names to select your winner(s), and finally, notify the winner and participants. Stop doing it the old way. With Waitlistr, we do the heavy lifting…Check out how simple it is to get your Giveaway or Sweepstake up and running.

Accept Payments

Your business thrives when your customers pay for the goods and services you provide — we are here to help make that happen in the easiest and most flexible way possible. You can request money when someone joins your waitlist or send a custom invoice those already on your waitlist. See how using our payments option can help you painlessly get all the way from A to Z.

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From widgets you can use on your website and social media, to a reward engine that incentivizes your customers to share and promote your list, we give you simple, but powerful tools you need to make your list successful

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You define what information to collect from your list members using our super simple custom form builder. When you're ready to connect with them, everything you need is waiting on your Manage Members page.