General Questions

What is Waitlistr?
Waitlistr is a platform that helps you grow and manage your business through waitlists. Our waitlists generate leads, track sign ups, and give you direct communication with your list members.
Is it free to create and run a waitlist?
Yes! It's free to create a basic waitlist and have unlimited users join it. We also offer Premium, that has a lot of awesome features, on a subscription basis. Your basic waitlist will always be free.
Is it free to join a list?
Waitlistr doesn't charge a fee to users joining lists. Some lists may have a transaction or purchase, but that's between you and the list owner when your turn is up.
Who can see my name on the list?
Only you and the list owner can see your name on the list when logged in. Everyone else in the world can only see your username.
I forgot my password. How do I get a new one?
If you forgot your password, go to the Log In page and click the "Forgot your password?" link. Enter your email address and we'll email you instructions for changing it.
How do I edit/change my profile?
When you log in, you’ll land on your Dashboard. On your Dashboard page, you’ll see a summary of your profile. Below that summary, there will be a button called “Edit your profile”. Click that and you’ll land on a form to change your info. Be sure to save it when you’re done!
How do I change my password?
If you know your password and simply want to change it, log in and go to your Account Settings page (dashboard > settings > account)

List Member Questions

How do I join a list?
When you're viewing a waitlist you'll see a big button that says "Join the list" — enter your email address and click it! Some list owners require extra info, you'll be asked for that in the second step if it's needed.
Who can see my information?
Only you and the list owner can see your information. The list owner can only see the information you provide when you sign up for a more, no less.
How do I contact a list owner?
On your Dashboard you'll see a list of waitlist you're on. Next to each of those lists you'll see a button to contact the lists owner. Click that and it will start a conversation.

List Owner Questions

How do I remove list members from my list?
When you’re logged in and viewing your waitlist or the dashboard, you’ll see a button or tab labeled “Manage” Clicking that will take you to a page to manage all the members of your list. There you’ll see a “remove member” button — clicking that will popup a confirmation window where you can remove the list member.
How do I contact a list member?
On the manage list members page there will be a contact button next to each member’s info. Click that and it will open a conversation with that user. You can also grab their email address from the same page and message them via your email client.
How do I view the info I requested from a waitlist member?
On the manage list members page you’ll see all the info you’ve requested from each user.
Can I close my list?
Yes, you can close your list by logging in and visiting your list page. Once there, you’ll see a button labeled “Close the list” – click that and a dialogue box will popup, confirm you want to close you list and it will be so.
How do I reopen my closed list?
You can reopen a closed list by logging in and visiting your list page. Once there you’ll see a button labeled “Reopen the list” – click that and your list will be ready for members to join it again.
How do I get people to sign up for my list?

Share, share, and more sharing. Here are the most effective ways to get the word out:

  1. Share your list on social media regularly
  2. Add the list widget to your website
  3. Add a link to the list on your website
  4. Send an email to your users when your list goes live

We’ve noticed when a list has at least 5 list members, more sign up even quicker — we chalk it up to social validation — so, we encourage you to work hard to get the first 5 and more will likely follow.

Can I export the members of my list?
Yes, you’ll need a Premium account to export all your list members, but we make it super easy. With the simple click of a link on the manage list members page, you’ll have all the info you need to import into things like MailChimp, SendGrid, and QuickBooks.
Can I import an existing list?
We currently don't have a list importer, but we can help you import an existing list. Contact us for details.
Can I limit the number of people who can join my list?
Yes, with a Premium account you’ll be able to set a limit as to how many people can join your list. Once the list hits that amount it will automatically close for you. Reopen the list whenever you’re ready for more list members.