Design your FairShares Commons Company 1st Cohort 2022

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Are you an entrepreneur about to incorporate? Are you curious to know how you can do more with existing legal forms? More means better ways of:

Delivering excellent business results and impact / ESG outcomes without compromising either because all stakeholders pull together.
Reducing wasteful irreconcilable friction between stakeholders, which reduces the risks to your success from wasted time, effort, and money (unresolved tensions and conflicts are a root cause of 65% of startup failures).
Optimising not just your business performance in isolation, but rather across multiple businesses that form an ecosystem, because you incorporate for ecosystems.
Protecting the long-term integrity of your business and investment, so that it continues to be an expression of who you are.
Spending more time doing what you enjoy doing.
You may have looked at, or even tried to do this with various Teal approaches, and wondered why so many attempts at a flavour of sociocracy, or deliberately developmental practices; triple bottom line, Fair Trade, circular and regenerative economy, fall so short of their promise? To the extent that John Elkington, founder of the Triple Bottom Line, has issued a product recall to identify and repair the defects?

One big reason why is that most deployments address only one of the four strata of an organization, and almost all neglect the inter-stakeholder stratum, (incorporation if it’s a business):

inter-stakeholder (company form, or governance structure and process)
inter-role and task (organization chart, sociocracy, Holacracy)
Inter-personal (dialogue practices, collective developmental practices)
Intra-personal (personal development practices)
Most attempts towards Teal still incorporate using standard approaches like the limited company and single stakeholder cooperative forms, which exclude all but one capital and stakeholder class from the right to engage in governance, access information, and share in the wealth generated. And fall prey to the myth of the company (a non-human legal person) as property.

What if we incorporated inclusively, rather than exclusively? If our incorporation fairly shared the rights to govern, information, and wealth generated, across all of the capitals touched by the business and their stakeholders?

What if we incorporated as a commons?

What if we incorporated in a way that made regeneration, circularity, profitability, as well as all the environmental, social, and governance outcomes many are striving for natural and automatic? Where there is no compromise between profit and other outcomes; rather, you are more profitable because you deliver world-class outcomes, and you deliver world-class outcomes because you are so profitable?

There is. It’s called the FairShares Commons, and it’s described in detail in the book Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You:

Design your company as a FairShares Commons in this workshop, led by Graham Boyd (LI & TW: @GrahamBoydphd). You will work through the FairShares Commons canvas, getting at the end the architecture of a FairShares Commons, the basis for working with us or a corporate lawyer to incorporate your company, inclusive of all capitals and stakeholders.

4 x 4-hour LIVE facilitated workshops (spread over 2 weeks) + on-demand e-learning content.
Dates of Live workshops: Mondays/Thursdays, March 28th, 31st and April 4th and 7th (sessions always from 17:00-21:00 CET)

This course will be delivered live when at least 4 startup teams have registered and paid.

GBP 1500.00 per team.


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