Bare Bones

by pipes Free

The Bare Bones BB Components This is the DIYist’s unit that comes ready for assembly into the owners’ dreams. The end-user is responsible for purchasing their own RC grade of battery. Choose from a huge assortment of 3S batteries with either a JST type plug or, with the use of an XT60 adapter, a more standard type XT60 plug. An example of this battery type is a 3000 mAh RC battery which will rival the best 18650s configuration. A smaller 800 mAh battery can be used without an XT adapter.
To help you decide on a size, the math works out to approximately 80 mAh per bowl. So, the 800 mAh battery provides 10 bowls and the 3000 mAh would be around 35 bowls. However, the physical size is very large.

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