Rebuild: How to see more options and lead transformation

by grahamboyd-evolutesix Free | p2p

Can you see all of the options you have?

Most of us cannot, because we lack the specific lens we need to see that option. And so we miss the best choice for success.

If you are leading a company, or any other organisation, the more lenses you can use beyond binary logic (right/wrong, true/false), the more of the available options you will see.

And the more options you see, the better your chances of finding the one best option you need for your company to thrive, and for you to thrive.

You are likely already good at static systems thinking; how good are you at dynamic thinking, at relational systems thinking, and at nebulous transformational thinking? To be able to see clearly all options you need to be highly fluid in all four. In my experience, very few leaders are anywhere near fluid enough in all four.

This is a 4 week online LIVE program, led by Graham Boyd (TW: @GrahamBoydphd) author of Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You. You will get the opportunity to develop your capacity for all four kinds of systems thinking, to put into practice Chapter 9, with support from experienced facilitators.

You will bring in one or more of your current challenges; perhaps you need to find a way to rebuild your business in the current Covid context. You will leave with practical options to use now, strategies and actions you can take to move forwards. To rebuild, so that you and your business thrives in the context you are embedded in.

4 x 3-hour LIVE facilitated sessions + online training materials spread over 4 weeks.
Next start date: 07.07.2021

Program modules:
The four modules cover the four different kinds of post-binary-logic lenses, or forms of thought, covered in Chapter 9 of the book.
1) Context lenses (static system).
2) Process lenses (systems in motion).
3) Relationship lenses (relations within / between).
4) Transformation lenses (actively shaping open dynamic systems)

The program is based on Rebuild, with other books and materials we will recommend you read.

GBP750 for a maximum of 4 participants per facilitator.
Or, if you are a team from a single company working together on the same challenge, GBP2900 for your team.


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