Spinal Immersion and Training - 2022 - be the first to learn dates

This 20 hour teacher training will provide students with an overview of how to genuinely benefit and protect the spine in yoga – a subject generally misunderstood and even avoided in contemporary yoga education.

Through an overview of anatomy, biomechanics, and sampling of yoga asana and exercises in the five categories of biomechanics, traction, strengthening, stretching, and relaxation combined with our knowledge of anatomy we will experience first hand how to make our bodies feel fantastic in asana and keep it free of injury.

We will also discuss related concepts of non-violence and the modern context of yoga as it is generally taught in the west.

Come prepared to have fun and learn how yoga can help the spine, theory and practice, as well as postural analysis for each student. This training is not only for yoga teachers but for anyone interested in helping themselves take good care of their spine, hips and pelvis. This training will be fun, easy to learn and wonderful for experienced anatomy students but not intimidating for students new to anatomy. Mostly we will just be having great experiences applying what we learn to our bodies.



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