Character Storage and Development: Built with ❤️ for the Community

by characterhub Premium Plus

An original character storage site called CharacterHub

Writer? Artist? Roleplayer? If seeing characters or creating characters gives you joy, I am building for you. My promise is to you is simple:

My goal is to make this community the most magical community you've ever been a part of. Please hold me to this standard!

And yes, moderation will be a big part of it!

Why invite-only?
Cuz I'm snobby!! JK.

First: So we can really listen to you and build the features you actually want and offer you the service you deserve. We're in the Discord, reading the comments, hopped on hundreds of hours of calls with the community.

Second: This is a community! Keeping it invite-only to start ensures the quality and tight-knit feeling of the community.

I hope to open the doors for everybody soon!

Wtf actually is this?
We're calling it CharacterHub. We're a new site so we're starting with the basics:

  • Zero learning curve: We've made it so easy to use that even a toddler could use it!

  • Showcase your characters and their details: including backstory, likes, dislikes, height, favorite color, and a lot more!

  • Show some extra personality: Like an embeddable Spotify playlist, color palette, and more to give your character....some extra character!

  • Display your art: Upload unlimited images of your character! 10? 100? 1 million?

  • New surprises every week: There was a month when we launched a new feature every day! Whether you're looking for a storage site, portfolio tool, social features, or character development, we're launching new things all the time for you!

  • Love roleplaying?: We built new tools to make it easy to find people to roleplay with and instantly chat as your characters!

This is our love letter to all the original characters out there. We can't wait to show you what we've built!

Click "join the list" for early access!

P.S. Are you a service provider who works with characters, but don't have your own characters? You might find our marketplace interesting.


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