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You're the finest brand name there is. Share your brand with us as a brandvertisement.

Suite Storees is hosting and displaying Michigan's brandvertisements in our Chapter 2021. Bring your brand to LIFE by contributing your ARTifact to our immersive + transformative creative social content house.

A Social Content House built by local brands, for locals.
-- Only @ Suite Storees

Community Contributors:
+ $99/yr. to 12/31/2021
+ $1/Storee Piece = 1 Cubic Foot
+ Up to 50 Storee Pieces = 50 Cubic Feet/year
+ Advertise your Way
+ Advertise in 7D
+ No Sales Agents
+ No Maintenance
+ Exclusive access to our mailing list of exclusive events + social promos
+ Featured in Our Community Contributors directory
+ Infinite Social Outreach
+ Marketplace of the future - now.

If you are interested in experiencing Suite Storees as a dreamer, please register via the waitlist link for dreamers.


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