Rebuild: the Economy

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This workshop series, led by the economics author of Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You (Jack Reardon, TW: @profJackReardon) dives deeper into the different themes of Part 2 and appendix of the book.

The workshop uses our book as the foundation, along with other reading material. It will be facilitated conversations between participants and Jack so that we can all learn from each other as we deepen our understanding of the book, and especially how to put it into practice. You will have time in breakout groups to take concrete steps putting the book into practice in your work.

4 x 3-hour LIVE facilitated sessions + online training materials spread over 4 weeks.
Next proposed start date: Thursday 25.08.2021 (target > 20, minimum 10 paid up participants)
We could start earlier if there is enough demand.

Program modules:
The initial workshop will have four 3-hour sessions.

Module One: Setting the Scene: Where we are and how we got here.
We first begin discussing our myriad interconnected crises. We will then discuss how the discipline of economics, our economists, and our economy have failed us. We wrap up by discussing the lessons from Einstein and Picasso of using multiples lenses and maps to understand and surmount our current crises. In addition, this module will discuss the following issues: how can justice, sustainability, and pluralism be incorporated into today’s economics; and (2) the critical importance of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals in surmounting our current crises.

Modules Two and Three: What works and what doesn’t?
A discussion of the array of government policies including Modern Monetary Theory, a basic income, pollution permits, a carbon tax, and everything in between. The insidious role of GDP in measuring value. Can we cost-benefit our way out of our crises? Is economic growth the solution or the problem? The role of institutions, money, multiple capitals, deficits, democracy, the commons, and debt. How to measure and solve poverty and inequality? How to sustainably trade?

Module Four: Insights and Lessons from Rebuilding our Economy.
Why we look to physics for answers. Understanding how the concepts of energy, work, capital, value, freedom, black holes, depression, ergodicity, gravity, democracy, and thermodynamics can help us rebuild our economy. The relevance of Einstein’s general theory of relativity to solving our current crises. How best to structure a workable, sustainable, democratic economy. How to create an economy of the free rather than a free economy. A recipe for hope. A course wrap-up.

The price of the workshop is GBP 450 per person


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