Rebuild Foundation Workshop - for builders of a better world (May 2022)

by grahamboyd-evolutesix Free | p2p

Whether you're a professional, a changemaker, a visionary, a startup founder or staff, investor or pioneer... this workshop is for you.

This is a 3 hour live and facilitated workshop.
Participants must complete the pre-work to participate in the live workshop. Pre-work: At least have started reading the book. You will also get access to a series of 30 videos + a learning guide to start building a deeper understanding of some of the principles covered in the book. By the end of the course, you'll have a foundation from which to start designing the system you need to Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You.

Modules of the video series and topics that will be discussed in the Live Workshop:

Making the Impossible normal
Learn about who are you, and how you construct reality, using stages of adult development and Spiral Dynamics.

-Lenses: Reality vs Actuality and Complementary pairs
-Meaning-making – Identity and stages
-Integrating how you think with your nature
-Harnessing inner and inter-personal tensions

ORGANISATIONS as Living Beings
Understand organisations as living beings, with knowable and unknowable components, and so what to do to build a culture, systems and interactions that quickly adapt to new business drivers in an uncertain, complex world.

-The 6 strata we need to rebuild across to create an economy that works for all
-Human – Work – Capital Dimensions
-Peak Adaptive Performance
-Start from where you are

Know why our economy is failing us, and why today’s economics are not capable of guiding us towards a whole economy. Why we need to create free commons companies and an economy of the free if we are to address our global challenges.

-Why our economy is failing us
-Money vs currency
-Co-opetition and false assumptions
-How we can collectively create a new social and economic paradigm
-Your next step: Designing your FairShares Commons
-Reasons for Hope

What you get:

Start learning how you can build the economy of tomorrow with what you already have, in your uniqueness.

Learn without boundaries.

Share your perspectives with peers from all walks of life, in a safe space.

Prepare for the Startup University creation and academy programme - to build your regenerative business.

Get all your questions about the economy, leadership and the future of work answered by people who provide you with new lenses to see all your options.

Date of Live workshop: 17th May, 18:00-21:00 CEST

NEXT DATES: This live workshop is held every third Tuesday of every month. Please contact [email protected] to register for any of the next upcoming dates; June 21st / July 19th / Sep 20th / Oct 18th / Nov 15th / Dec 20th

Price: GBP 99


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