Emilys custom Kincos wait list!

by kincosbyem Free

So tiktok blew up my doodled Kincos! I started making them because an ACL surgery in December took away my snowboard season this year. I needed something to pass the time and avoid thinking about riding so i started to draw on some mittens and apparently you all like them!

I want to provide everyone with their own pair but since I am only one person/a college student, I have created a wait list! I hope my prices are reasonable with you, these are custom pieces with whatever you want on them! They take me a while so commission needs to be worth it to me. Not to mention I have a ton to do! I will try my best to finish around 10 pairs of Kincos a week! If you’re interested in a pair sign up on this list with your INSTAGRAM USERNAME IN THE NAME BOX! Once your name is up to bat i will dm you on insta and we can work out all the fun details!

Pricing: (don’t venmo me or ship me mitts until we’ve talked on instagram!)
$100+shipping if i have to buy the gloves for you
$50+shipping if you send me your own pair
my address is:
Emily Mintle
2210 Buckrake Ave
Bozeman, MT 59718

(if ordering from amazon please be sure to select leave a note in the package from and insert your name, so i know who they’re for. And don’t order until I’ve messaged you)


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