VOLUNTEER LIST: Western Springs Senior Center COVID 19 Vaccine Clinic

Western Springs Senior Center, led by Mic Cagney, is organizing vaccine clinics to help facilitate the vaccination of PHASE 1A/PHASE 1B individuals. Please sign up for the volunteer list if you are interested in helping with this wonderful community effort. At this time we are signing volunteers up for general non-clinical duties only - Osco will bring their own clinical staff to vaccinate. We will be sending sign up opportunities by email soon so that you can schedule online. Vaccine clinics will take place at a village location to be determined soon. The more volunteers we have, the more vaccines and clinics we can organize in the future. Thank you so much for your service to our community. Let's pull together to vaccinate and save some lives!


Dr Clodagh Ryan,
Medical Director/Family Medicine Physician
Cara Direct Care,
1400 W. 47th St., Ste. 1
La Grange, IL
T: 708-571-CARA (2272)
F: 281:667-0104
W: www.caradirectcare.com
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