Booty Bootcamp Waitlist

I am opening up a new spot for 8 women to embark on an empowering journey to self confidence, a wealth of glute knowledge and the opportunity to form some incredible bonds and friendships with like-minded females. ⁣⁣
If this is something you are interested in please message me with why you think this would be the perfect fit for you and leave your name below! ⁣⁣
The program includes: ⁣⁣
- 12 weeks of high intensity glute training ⁣⁣
- weekly group sessions at a set time (agreed upon when the group is formed) ⁣⁣
- ongoing support and check ins from me as your coach⁣⁣
- access to come and try some of @leaphealthclubs amazing classes ⁣⁣
- tips and tricks to build a healthy mindset towards your body and self love⁣⁣
- a fun and bubbly group that build each other up and have loads of fun⁣⁣
- not only build your booty during this 12 week program but gain the knowledge to apply this training on going for the rest of your life! ⁣⁣
If you need any more reasons to join just read some of the amazing testimonials sent through by a few of my 2021 girls via my Instagram posts 🥺😍🤍 ⁣⁣
My heart is so incredibly full, and I am so proud to be on a journey & fullfilling my wildest dreams of helping women feel strong, beautiful and confident! ⁣


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