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Join the waitlist if you want to be contacted when puppies become available. I use the waitlist to help keep things organized. If you have questions, please email or call.

I do move through the list pretty quickly once puppies are available. Just a math/time deal. If I give each person on the list a bunch of time, it would take weeks to get through the list.

Don't let the size of the list discourage you. Many people are after only blue merle females. Many want a specific puppy that looks like or does not look like a previous Aussie they owned. Some people find a puppy before my next litter. Some are just window shoppers. I never know how it's going to play out. Sometimes the puppies that I think will find homes first, end up going last. Just depends on what people are after.

Sadly, there are lots of scammers online. In the past, they have wasted so much of my time. If you are not on the waitlist and contact me, it will be harder to contact me. I'm very suspicious when a number I can't ID texts or calls me.


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