The HotShot Pocket

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The HotShot is the portable people have been waiting for. This unit replaces the PortSide Mini.
The driver heats about 50% slower than the PSM and takes about 8-12 seconds to click. This unit is very basic and besides charging and heating your VC, there are no bells and whistles.
Ships with the battery at 30% charge. Please charge for 2-3 hours before first use. New Lithium batteries must be FULLY CHARGED and FULLY DISCHARGED 2 to 3 times, before being FULLY CONDITIONED. Please remember that a new Lithium battery's optimum performance and optimum longevity is only achieved after 2 to 3 complete charge and discharge cycles. After you go through 2 to 3 cycles, you'll never have to condition your battery again! Plug it in at well. However, it is NOT recommended you keep it on charge for long periods of time.
The HS features a flip-open lid that covers the access tube and I recommend keeping close except when using. To open the lid you need to press a pressure point in front of the lid. The rear ball of a thumb knuckle works easiest as takes a fair push to open. The bottom battery cover works the same way although the pressure point is not identified with a sticker. DO NOT attempt to "prey" open.

-True pocketability (L57mm x W27mm x H90mm)
-800 mAh Battery (same as the PSM)
-Micro USB Charging (2 amp charger is required)
-50% Thicker cooling magnet than previous units.
-Flip-up Top covers the access heating hole. (keeps debris out and smells in)
-ZERO Standby Battery Drain (IMO, this is a big deal)
-User serviceable with access to all internal parts.
-Custom carrying case included.

What you get:
1ea. HotShot Pocketable Induction Heat with battery installed.
1ea. Micro USB Charge Cable
1ea. 3 Amp USB Charger
1ea. Carrying Case
Note: That a 2 amp USB charger is NOT supplied but required.

The BAD:
No battery gauge
The enclose is plastic with aluminum sides stuck on.
The lid hinge and bottom door hinge are easily broken if dropped while open. Functionality is robust and there are workarounds for these cosmetic ailments.


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