Corbett Made heirloom hand-crafted Teue brush

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This is *not* a commission list, as I am not taking public commissions at the moment. I would rather make what I envision and can execute on, than risk disappointing someone when I can't achieve their vision.

Joining this waitlist puts you in line to get first dibs on a personal "Teue" counter brush, entirely hand made with hand planted bristles. These brushes are time-intensive to make and each one is given my complete attention during its creation.

Corbett Made Teue brushes are made with American woods. Grown, harvested, and milled by tradesmen on both coasts. Each brush is hand made and unique, bearing its own individuality and character.

Every brush comes with a certificate indicating production number, wood, bristle, inlay materials and finish. It also comes with a small portion of beeswax or paste wax and instructions to maintain the luster and feel of your brush.

Price is determined on a brush-by-brush basis depending on materials and complexity. Generally ranging $65 to $150.

Reaching the front of the queue gives you first dibs to purchase a completed brush before it is listed for general availability.

I will reach out with some pictures and details and you can choose if it is the brush for you before it is listed.

Brushes may take 2-6 weeks to complete due to materials sourcing (depending on wood choice), finish curing times, and production time.


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