Mums Pre-Startup Program: Design your ideal career, build your own startup, or join one.

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Are you a mum, or planning to become one, and currently figuring out what to do next? Do you want to reinvent your life or your career but don’t know how or where to start? Do you want to found your own start-up, and are looking for cofounders and support?

This is a 5 week online program for mums (either working or SAHMs) and mumpreneurs. You will be given new lenses and a toolkit to design your ideal life and career. By the end of this program, you will have taken a decisive step forward toward who you can become by testing your assumptions, experimenting and prototyping. You will have applied Adaptive Way™ and Human-Centered Design Thinking to take the first steps toward working with your personal challenges as well as global challenges (which are inseparably connected).

This program is right for you if:

You have had to scale back your career after having children or have gone back to work and finding that you no longer want what traditional “jobs” are offering you. You are being held back by feeling overwhelmed, not knowing what the right next step is, and allowing fear to stop you from reaching your most ambitious goals. The Evoluter’s programs are designed to support you through this journey and help you to work with all of your current opportunities and setbacks, strengths and vulnerabilities. It is for women who want to invest in themselves and their children’s future – who are committed to sustainability, and see collaboration as essential (not optional), in achieving their goals. This 5 week virtual lab is designed to help you maximise your time,  money,  energy and relationships to build the business and life of your dreams.
This program is right for you, if you are longing to spend your life doing what you’re good at and enjoy doing, express fully who you are through your work, make an impact, create a sustainable world you and your children will thrive in, have stimulating conversations, and to be a part of a community of practice that will value you for being who you are, your creative input and ideas.
You will really benefit from this program as a bridge to our Startup University programs if you already have a business idea, if you know you want to work in the startup world, and if you are exploring, asking yourself “who am I, what should I do, and how should I do it”.

5 x 3-hour LIVE facilitated sessions + online training materials spread over 5 weeks. 
Next start date: Wednesday, 6th October 2021
Follow start date: Wednesday, 17th November 2021

NB: This course can be spread over a 5 week period or as a 1 week (5 day) intensive course. Let us know your preferences when you sign up!

Program modules:


1. Session 1: Introduction into the realities of startups and why your transition into entrepreneurship begins with your adaptive capacity to build new and inherently human and regenerative businesses.
2. Session 2: Understanding your personal energy profile as well as the difference between your technical challenges vs your adaptive challenges. Shifts in perspectives and the improvisational mindset.
3. Session 3: Concept and prototype generation with Design Thinking methodologies to draft your ideal life options and test your hypotheses. Learn how to turn you Complaints into Commitments.
4. Session 4: Learn different Adaptive Way patterns and Improvisational behaviour coaching methodologies, as a way to identify your aspirations and the vulnerabilities you protect.
5. Session 5: Are you ready to take your passion project forward? Join a team/ startup within the Startup University or apply to the University's programmes, get matched with a validated idea or co-founder and start your journey to becoming a fully regenerative, inherently human, multi-stakeholder/ multi-capital FairShares Commons Company.

This virtual lab is jam-packed with tools, peer to peer sparring, accountability, and community you need to grow yourself and your business and be successful in the way you do it - with your uniqueness.

What you'll get:

# Understand how you can enter the startup world. Mindset shift and Adaptive Way sessions to develop your inner capacity to adapt to a rapidly changing world.
#Fun improv exercises to surface any vulnerabilities and how to accept and work with those to thrive.
# Concept and prototype generation with Design Thinking methodologies to draft your ideal life options and test your hypotheses.
# Weekly LIVE Workshops with insights into the new and most important ways of running profitable businesses, inherently human and inclusive. 
# Adaptive Way Toolkit Tutorials (a series of videos and worksheets you can do offline and practice with your sparring partner to explore your own personal and professional challenges and then taking the first steps to reinvent yourself)
# 1:1 3xhrs mentorship offline 
# Upon successful completion of this program you will be eligible to join our Evoluter Startup University.
# Copy of Graham Boyd and Jack Reardon’s book "Rebuild: the Economy, Leadership, and You - A toolkit for builders of a better world."

750 GBP for all 5 LIVE sessions + online training materials + 3 hours of 1:1 mentorship

How it works
Our group will meet online on dates and times agreed beforehand and convenient to the members of the group. You are part of a safe and small group of mums. with whom to share your journey of discovery and creation.

Register today to express your interest; as soon as we have 10 people registered we will begin scheduling the program.

This is a special version of Evolutesix's Evoluter startup program.

Your facilitators are:
Marie-Nicole Schuster: (Evolutesix partner and Mumpreneur co-lead)
Mum of a spirited 5 year old, and Co-Founder of Grey Sphere, a neuroscience-based leadership consultancy. Marie has over 15 years of people development experience, having worked with leaders and teams in NGO’s, Shipping, Pharma and Telecoms across the MENA region.
She is committed to developing and supporting mums from all walks of life, both personally and professionally, to create the life they want; whether they’re in their first, second or third acts.

Stephanie Bouju: (Evolutesix partner and Mumpreneur co-lead)
Mum of two energetic young boys, Senior Enterprise Risk Manager in the financial industry, with decades of experience on both hard and soft sides of the finance, engineering and NGO sectors. Early practitioner of Evolutesix Adaptive Way.
Stephanie’s passion stems from her deep belief that all people have the potential to positively contribute to the betterment of their communities, especially once we broaden the definition and reward systems of value.

Graham Boyd: (Evolutesix founder)
Graham's primary role is integrating the uniqueness of each component and group into the whole ecosystem, in a way that keeps all of the valuable uniqueness and the common oneness.
He has worked as a CEO, serial entrepreneur, former Manager Research and Development (P&G) and particle physicist. Graham applies the expertise gathered across these three careers to innovate and transform business systems so as to create antifragile, regenerative businesses, in place of our fragile, crisis-creating economy.
He now incubates regenerative startup ecosystems, having gained 15 years experience in adaptive organisation and adaptive leadership practice; Graham is starting a seed stage investment fund for ecosystems of regenerative startups using his methodology. He also consults to multinationals and startups on harnessing conflict to drive their own regeneration.


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