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by aredphoxxart Premium Plus

**Once you sign up please check your inbox to confirm your email, those that confirm the email secure their spot and take priority over those that don't**

Secure your future spot for a custom order here! Once you sign up you'll be added to my queue and contacted when a spot is available. When your spot in line is here I will shoot you a message at the email provided to begin the custom order process. If I do not receive a response within 48 hours I will move on to the next patron and you will need to add your name to the waitlist again.

This is a waitlist for any type of custom order, not just the Yonis :)

**I will go through this list first before I offer custom spots to the public**

p.s. please verify your email address after submitting your name to the list. This helps the process go faster once your turn is here :)


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