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by zeetozen Free

As you know, my website is launching in a couple of weeks. To double check I have not missed any request please register to add yourself to the waiting list for a 30 minute reading.

A little bit about me and how I work.

I’m a third generation Psychic. A gift I’ve inherited from my Nan. I use playing cards. Some people use tarot cards but my calling was playing cards and trust my intuition with them implicitly as my Nan and mum also used to read with them. I cover past present and future in my readings which also look at the next 3-18 months. Love, work family or anything you need to know should come up. I do not connect with spirits as I am not a medium. But I am a natural intuitive psychic and use my intuition to give you a reading with clarity and guidance. Readings for 30 mins via Zoom


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