But first, she prays (PRAYER JOURNAL)

"But First, She Prays" serves as a spiritual pathway that will gently lead you into the presence of God to simply talk to Him...first.

Whether it's about a guy you're dating, your struggle with sin, or your biggest dreams in life, this journal has been intentionally designed for you to shamelessly pour your heart out to your Daddy.

What's included?

- Benefits of Prayer Journaling
- How to Pray (Using the A.C.T.S Method)
- Girl, Spill the Tea
- Gospel Playlist
- Christian Girl Habit Tracker
- The Waiting Room
- Prayer Requests
- And MUCH more!

Journal will be available for pre-order on December 12th 2022 @ 7PM EST.

LIMITED quantities available.

See you soon!


Instagram: @thekingsprintery
Tiktok: @thekingsprinterty


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