Rebuild: Your fully Teal / Regenerative / Adaptive organisation

by grahamboyd-evolutesix Free | p2p

You get, in this 4 hour workshop, the opportunity to analyse where your company is in the three dimensions organisations live in, look at where your business drivers require you to be to thrive, and what initial steps you can take to begin the journey. The foundation for this workshop is Part 4 of the book Rebuild; please read this in advance.

You get:
1) Group discussion of the three dimensions, and what each means to each participant's business.
2) An evaluation of where your company is, using our online diagnostic (do this prior to the workshop)
3) An evaluation of where your business context is.
4) Exploring possible next steps you can take, and whether fully teal (level 5 on all three dimensions) is right for you.

This workshop runs immediately we have 10 or more participants, and is scheduled to run next on Monday 1 February starting at 14:00 CET / 13:00 GMT.

The cost per person is GBP 99 and


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