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by thearchpdx Premium

Hey there!
Welcome <3,
If you lost me on insta my new handle is @thearchpnw
Please follow if you are new here and want updates on openings. You will get 5$ off your first service for following my insta.
Thank you for your intrest in my services, I'm always happy to take new clients but I get booked out quickly due to a high volume in existing clients rebooking.

Please fill out the form with your name, email, and days/time you are most avalible. For NEW CLIENTS I am only taking brow waxing services, (no brow tinting or facial waxing) at this time. If you are a referral from one of my existing clients add who referred you to the info you are writing out.
I will contact if I have a opening due to cancellations.
I will move down the list from referrals first then first-last on none referred clients.
Right now I am aiming for starting to take none referraled new clients in October! Maybe sooner since a lot of clients have moved recently
Thank you again for adding yourself and I hope to see you soon!



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