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Today's work requires us to be technically adept, but also be able to navigate through complexities surrounding conflict, resource management, stakeholder tensions etc. However, if rational thinking and technical knowledge are no longer enough to make a real impact, is it possible to grow our mental capacity to meet the size of the challenge?

The Adaptive Way Programme, online training and live practice sessions, uses developmental coaching methodologies and peer2peer dialogue that help you deconstruct your internal meaning-making, work towards your goals by understanding the internal barriers that are holding you back, and run experiments, evaluate them in a safe space, and drive lasting change.

This 8 week module is for individuals and teams that are in their early stages of building a regenerative business. It is the Leadership Development module to grow your cognitive as well as socio-emotional capacity to adapt to and navigate complexity.


Session 1: The 3 rules of the Dojo. Technical vs Adaptive challenges. Your complaints and your aspirations.

Session 2: Identifying your inner barriers and behaviours that block you from achieving your goal.

Session 3: The vulnerabilities that your behaviours are protecting and your hidden commitments.

Session 4. Your first step to running experiments and using castle moves as a powerful way to begin applying action patterns using inner tension as a valuable resource.

Session 5: Improv games and learning to be lucky with curiosity and the power of questions. Action Pattern: Rising Phoenix

Session 6: Feelings vs Judgements. Feeling in and out. Trying out Action Pattern: Psycho 1.

Session 7: Advanced sparring techniques

Session 8: The Beginner's mind and re-writing your script.

Program format:
Follow the online material, complete assignments and join our trainer once a week for a 2 hour Live practise session, as you learn how to work on tough questions, with yourself and others, in a safe and supportive environment.

8 x 2 hr Live practise and sparring sessions + on-demand video content and worksheets

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