Current issues - virtual conversation for impact-oriented investors, FO, entrepreneurs, and those in finance making a difference

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The three of us are heading off on Thursday 7th May at 17:00 UK time for virtual pub conversation with others in the investment world, interested in making a difference. Join us, and bring whatever you fancy eating, drinking, and talking about. The menu is entirely up to you!

We'll spend at least 90 minutes together to talk about our current issues, and how to resolve them; just as we used to do before Corona on a Friday after work.

Click on "Register" if you would like to attend one of these. We plan the first one for 17:00 UK summer time on Thursday 7 May, and will hold others if there is enough interest.

Your vlab facilitators:
Robert Dellner: Senior finance professional from organisations such as Citigroup and BNP-Paribas with deep experience and expertise in Impact investing. He is the founder of I3 Partners Ltd, a firm that provide an Integral Impact Investment approach to enable firms to build a full spectrum approach to Impact. Having studied Economics in Sweden, Finance and Psychology in the UK, he is currently completing a Doctorate in Impact Investments. He has relevant experience in building and structuring investment funds, and is a fellow of the Transparency Task Force.

Antonio Potenza: CEO, Co-Founder of Proodos Impact Capital Graduate from the University of Oxford, Said Business School MBA with main Focus on Social Impact, Impact Investments and Social Finance. Executive Education from the University of Cambridge, Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Committed to helping organizations deploy capital and innovative finance products in emerging markets that drive social change and fight social injustice and poverty, and is a fellow of the Transparency Task Force.

Graham Boyd: CEO, serial entrepreneur, Manager (P&G), particle physicist. Today I apply the expertise gathered across these three careers to bring innovate and transform the business systems so to create antifragile, regenerative businesses, in place of our fragile, crisis-creating economy. I incubate regenerative startups; 15 years experience in adaptive organisations and adaptive leadership; am starting a seed stage investment fund for ecosystems of regenerative startups; consult to multi-nationals and start-ups on harnessing conflict to drive their own regeneration, and is a fellow of the Transparency Task Force.; https//;;


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