Dragonsworn Custom Dice

by cal  [deleted] Free | p2p

Would you like a set of custom resin dice for whatever flavors of TTRPG float your fancy? I would love to make them for you, but I also am having trouble balancing DMs on a million social media platforms so voila, a waitlist!

7pc standard-sized (though note my sphericon d4; I do not cast tetrahedrons, please don't ask) polyhedral dice start at $60, including a cast-until-you-love-them guarantee and custom finish. I can also cast you adorable 15mm baby sets or giant 30mm chonkers suitable for nerdy terrariums, and I can also custom-cast and finish acetate or resin inclusions. More budget ideas to keep in mind: certain techniques (like layering) add to the cost, and you can add additional dice to any set for a flat fee.

Once your turn on the waitlist comes up, I will email you and we'll chat about what awesome art I can make for you!



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