Get the Pokémon Marnie Premium Tournament Collection

by spicybears Premium Plus

Want to buy the Milk Carton Marnie for the $39.99 MSRP price? Join this list for a chance to be selected!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: We might be able to offer more at this price in the next week or two! We had a good conversation with our main distributor on Wednesday and it appears we might be getting more Marnie Premium Collections in the near future. We will keep this list open for another week with the possibility that if we get more, we will update the "Selection details" and select some more users from the list. We didn't get more allocations :(

We will offer a portion of our allocation to randomly selected members of this list. Once we know the total number we will offer here, we will post an update to this list. Read more.

Selection details:
At least one list member will be selected between 8/6/2021 and 8/8/2021. Buyer is responsible for any shipping and taxes. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to make the purchase. If no purchase is made, a new winner will be randomly selected.