Zen Space | Moving Through Uncertainty w Ease (Workshop) Waitlist

by iamzenrn Free

It’s easy to feel powerless….especially given the circumstances we’re living in, right? Many of us may be feeling powerless over the political issues that are playing out in the world. Many of us may be feeling helpless just simply being in the midst of this global pandemic and also just dealing with the constant states of terror we’ve been experiencing through our social platforms.

It’s alot!!!!!!!

But even with all this, we have the POWER to CHOOSE our own PERSPECTIVE on our circumstances.

We can choose to show up every day looking for solutions…rather than problems.

We can choose to turn off the news.

We can choose to be mindful and conscious of how our actions affect others.

This is a time in our lives when we want to really become aware of the ways we’re stuck in our feelings of helplessness. This is a time where we want to learn how to be safe in our own bodies, so that we can move through uncertainty with a sense of ease.

And so I want to share with you the methods I’ve used/continue to use to reclaim my inner power when the outer world is a sea of messiness.


This workshop-- Moving Through Uncertainty w Ease was born with the aim to help create a sense order in chaos by using meditation/mindfulness techniques to reduce anxiety/fear and to help lighten the heaviness that may arise through challenges.

This is an online but interactive training that will allow for you to share wholeheartedly how you feel, work on your emotions and acquire mindfulness tools that you can take with you and apply to any situation when needed.

Time: 7 PM EST — 9 PM EST (times may be subject to change)
Location: virtual one day workshop (on ZOOM)
Facilitator: Victor Padilla
Price: $33

Date(s) — TBA

More details to come.

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