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by elizabethamoye

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Over the last year, I’ve had my fair share of nutrition clients. Some going into college, some heading into their fifties. Some with zero nutritional knowledge and others with advanced knowledge. However, no matter the client, I seemed to get asked the same handful of questions.

Which is why I decided to write the e-book you are reading now.

This book is essentially a 6-month coaching package with me. From learning how to build your plate so you aren’t hungry every 2 hours, to understanding what’s causing your bloat.

You will learn the science behind controlling your blood sugar levels, the role hunger hormones play into our daily lives, why you should embrace healthy fats and some other fun things… like how
to incorporate alcohol into your diet.

My practice is very much fueled by an intuitive eating approach, which is why you’ll never hear me refer to food as “good” or “bad”, have you count your calories or macros or suggest your BMI is a proper indicator of your level of health.

The scale is fake news.

However, I also think there’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight or change your body. It all goes back to our internal motivating factor. Who are you doing this for? What is your why?

My goal isn’t to tell you what, when or how much to eat. My goal is to give you the tools to make those conscious decisions on your own. In an educated way.

Eating less doesn’t work. Restricting calories or food groups doesn’t work. And I wish I’d know this before I fell into my food + workout obsession. I wish I’d know the damage it would cause to my metabolism. Which is why I want to teach people the science behind our food choices and the long-lasting impact it has on our bodies.

It’s important to be educated and understand how our bodies work. To know our cravings aren't "out of control" or that "willpower" isn't the issue.

You aren't crazy for craving pizza at 10 PM every night. Your body is trying to tell you something.

It's time we figure out what that is.

x, elizabeth



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