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The only constant in life is change, and this level of massive change is the new normal. How do you deliver the results you are accountable for in this new normal? How do you, individually and organisationally, respond to and navigate through the immediate and long term consequences of the pandemic, predicted 15 years ago? Maybe you had contingency plans ready, maybe not; either way, your long term success requires even better prediction of the next massive change.

You will get from this two day online virtual lab (vlab) facilitated by Antonio Potenza (Proodos Capital), Robert Dellner (Integral Impact Investing) and Graham Boyd (Evolutesix Adaptive Organisation consulting):
- See new opportunities hidden to others by learning transformational thinking.
- Powerful approaches to build capacities to rise to the challenge and predict change.
- Harness emotions and thinking triggered by current changes and how to use them effectively.
- Organisational alternatives to react rapidly and effectively to change.
- Work on your challenges to develop better solutions and next steps.

Why should you attend this vlab now? Because this crisis is the window of opportunity to make the fundamental changes to thrive in this new normal.

Day 1: Developing yourself. Identify and address the patterns that block your full capacity to lead. Getting tensions and emotions working for you. See and take more future opportunities.
- Foundations, building trust, getting to know each other.
- The GENE & 4Cs framework. Map what is happening now? To me, inside me; to my team; to my organization?
- What immediate needs do we have, what you bring to the table, and immediate opportunities.
- How to think transformationally. Get more options in this session to transform this crisis into opportunities.
- Rise to the opportunity by changing who you are. Socio-emotional capacity building and co-creation.
- Transforming your blocking patterns into new possibilities and realities.
- Integrating vlab: deepening and applying to your immediate needs, the day's methodologies.

Day 2: Developing your organisation: Transforming today's structures and processes. Creating powerful alternative governance systems
- Intro and framing: what is success and the key cultural drivers for your organisation?
- Understanding the difference between ourselves and the organisation.
- How the structural norms and conventions we are embedded in have their own limits and blocks to success.
- Powerful ways organising and operating your work with colleagues in a crisis: Sociocracy, Holacracy etc.
- Ownership and governing your company at the stakeholder level: FairShares Commons etc.
- Turning to action and co-creation in your organisation

You will take away new opportunities, and the changes needed in yourself and the organisation for success.

This vlab is customised to meet specific needs that public cohorts bring in, especially for in-house vlabs.

Add your name to the waiting list if you are interested; as soon as we have ten people interested we will finalise the dates and pricing.

We believe this is worth at least £650; please tell us what you think it is worth, especially if this is beyond your budget in these times.

Your vlab facilitators:
Robert Dellner: Senior finance professional from organisations such as Citigroup and BNP-Paribas with deep experience and expertise in Impact investing. He is the founder of I3 Partners Ltd, a firm that provide an Integral Impact Investment approach to enable firms to build a full spectrum approach to Impact. Having studied Economics in Sweden, Finance and Psychology in the UK, he has recently completed a Doctorate in Impact Investments. He has relevant experience in building and structuring investment funds.

Antonio Potenzia: CEO, Co-Founder of Proodos Impact Capital Graduate from the University of Oxford, Said Business School MBA with main Focus on Social Impact, Impact Investments and Social Finance. Executive Education from the University of Cambridge, Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Committed to helping organizations deploy capital and innovative finance products in emerging markets that drive social change and fight social injustice and poverty.

Graham Boyd: CEO, serial entrepreneur, Manager (P&G), particle physicist. Today I apply the expertise gathered across these three careers to bring innovate and transform the business systems so to create antifragile, regenerative businesses, in place of our fragile, crisis-creating economy. I incubate regenerative startups; 15 years experience in adaptive organisations and adaptive leadership; am starting a seed stage investment fund for ecosystems of regenerative startups; consult to multi-nationals and start-ups on harnessing conflict to drive their own regeneration.; https//;;


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