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Want to bolster your child’s confidence? Help teach self acceptance and confidence in this fabulous, fable-like tale of self discovery and wonder.

A little frog thought he was the most boring thing in the bog. Everywhere he looked he saw spiders that could spin webs, bats that could do aerial acrobatics and owls that could see far and wide. What could possibly make him special? It takes Mama frog to help him realize how special he really is. Can she point out what gifts make him special? Will the little frog realize how beautiful it is to be uniquely different?

Introduce modeled discussions and looking deeper into oneself.

This powerful story will help teach children to find their inner strengths while reflecting on how comparison to others can be destructive. Empower your child with an uplifting story that will bring out their resilience.

Intended for children ages 4-8.


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