Kaiserreich Black Mugs

The Iconic Kaiserreich Black Mugs are also known as the 'PDX-CON Mugs'. They were originally produced for PDX-CON 2017 and given away to some fans and developers.

The Kaiserreich Black Coffee Mugs are currently not available on our store. This is because white on black print on glossy mugs requires a different printing technique that can not be done with our current partner. In order to make this a cost-viable operation, we need at least 250 buyers in a region (Europe or North-America)

If interest is high enough, we will produce some ourselves and ship stock out to the US and Europe, and people on the waiting list will have first dibs. You will only be emailed if/when the black mugs are added to the store, this will not sign you up for the newsletter. If you would like to sign up for the newletter, go to https://bit.ly/2I15SXg



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