Sisterlocks/Microlocs Establishments

Thank you for your interest in our Sisterlocks & Microlocs services. We feel honored that you have chosen us to partner with as you begin your loc journey.

We are currently booking consultations for July, August, and September establishment dates. We have opened up 20 spots and will close our books once we have reached our maximum. Feel free to join the list for as long as it remains open. Once you are contacted you will have 24 hours to secure your appointment date before we continue moving down the list.

Starting Prices are as follows:

Sisterlocks - $1500 (up to 4 inches of hair; $100+ each additional inch - max 8 inches.)

Sisterlocks Establishments are offered as a package of three appointments; the consultation, the establishment, the follow-up.

Microlocs - $950 (up to 4 inches of hair; $100+ each additional inch - max 12 inches) All of our Microlocs services are billed a la carte.

Final prices for both services is determined at consultation and will increase based on hair length, density, head size as well as other factors.

All establishments require a consultation and is priced at $60.

A $300 deposit will be required to secure your establishment date and is applied toward the total cost of service.


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