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My calendar is currently booked through SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2021! WOW!

I'm incredibly excited for the work to come in the year ahead, but unfortunately that also means I cannot book any new clients at this time.

I am ALWAYS happy to provide an estimate! Please visit my website to get your estimate today. Having your estimate ready when I reach your name on the wait list will ensure you get the next available slot faster. <3 Having your estimate in advance will better prepare you to book.

I am always so honored when I book this quickly, especially during such hard times as this pandemic. Your continued support means the world to me and I am so thankful!

Please consider joining my wait list and be first to know when I am taking new work. Members on my waitlist will have first dibs at commissioning the available time slots! I will message members in waves of FIVE as time comes available. I will wait one week until I message the next wave to ensure the previous clients have time to respond to my emails. Once booked I will wait until I have openings and then begin messaging from the waitlist again.

PLEASE ADD CAITLIN.MARGOLIEN@GMAIL.COM TO YOUR CONTACTS TO ENSURE MY MESSAGE IS NOT BLOCKED! I will personally be emailing each client on the wait list. You will not be contacted by an automated service. The subject title will read ADARIA DESIGNS COSTUME REPLICAS WAIT LIST RECIPIENT to let you know it's me and your time has finally arrived! Yay! Don't miss it!

Thanks so much! I look forward to making your cosplay dreams a reality.
Your Costume Artisan,
Caitlin (Adaria) Jackson


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