Rebuild: Train the Trainer and Consultant

by grahamboyd-evolutesix Free | p2p

You already know enough to want to become a consultant or trainer in the approaches described in Rebuild, such as the Adaptive Way for the human dimension, integrated with the different approaches to roles and tasks such as sociocracy and Holacracy, as well as how to design an inclusive incorporation, the FairShares Commons?
We are busy designing this programme for you right now; and the sooner we have 10 participants registered with paid deposits we will begin scheduling it, so register below.

In the mean time, the modules on the FairShares Commons and the Adaptive Way (especially Rebuild: yourself and Rebuild: Lenses for leading transformation, a.k.a. Dialectic thought forms) are part of the TtT, so take those now. 50-100% of the price of these programmes will be deducted from the TtT price for you, depending on how ready you are for the TtT.


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